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Hello people :)

For the past few weeks I've been working on a new web gaming project, called Penguspy.

As you can see by visiting, it's a gallery of the best game available to the Linux platform (free & commercial). The goal of this project is to act as a showcase of all the good games in Linux (regardless of distro), raise awareness of Linux as a gaming platform and provide an easy way to install all these games, in an aesthetically pleasing, newbie-friendly and easy to use interface.

At the moment I'm working on various functionality features for the site, while adding more games to the database. Ofcourse the main feature in development is the 'Install' button, which will provide an 'easy' way to ..install each game (I am exploring various options for this at the moment, so I can't provide exact details on how it's going to work).

Now, the main reason I'm posting this, is because I would like to ask your help in improving the quality of information provided to the users. What you can do to help with at the moment is rate the games that you've played (1 to 10 star rating) and post comments/opinions. This way, people that are new to gaming in Linux will be able to find and evaluate good games easily.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you find this project interesting :)


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That's a great site enosis! It's a refreshing change from the dozens of sites which report "the top 10 Linux games of 2007/2008/2009" which show the same games every year. Games for Linux are often overlooked, and your site is a great start to addressing that.

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Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you liked it :)

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Actually, there are many games on there I never even knew were available for Linux, despite having looked around a lot before. I notice that there isn't an Adventure category. Is that because there aren't any adventure games for Linux?

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Whoa, I swear that category wasn't there previously. Yes, I've just noticed the adventure category. Ignore what I said.

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Hehe yeah, I added some adventure games, so now there is an adventure category:

Not that many great adv, games though that have native Linux support.

In the future I'm going to add a WINE section (platinum games only), so the choice of games will be even better.

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