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This is a great site, thanks!

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I bought a couple Linux games over the weekend (which I notice now also have been added to Enosis' wonderful Penguspy site) which are Robin Hood The Legend of Sherwood and Jack Keane. I know they are a bit pricey, but I like the idea of buying a game designed to run on Linux and also support the company who put the effort into porting it. They were even kind enough to refund the shipping cost because after I ordered 1 game, I decided on another game I wanted and ordered that too but separately, which amounted to over €50 meaning it should have been free shipping if I bought them together.

And I have to say, that Robin Hood game looks graphically awesome and detailed!

I noticed the Penguspy blog too. Glad it's not just me who noticed the yearly "top 10 Linux games" lists being the same every year on every site. ;) Hopefully the site can kickstart a linux gaming community of sorts.

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Wow, this is nice! I have not realized that there are a lot more good games in Linux than I expected. I'll be visiting this site more often, thanks! :laugh:

I think it would also be great to have a podcast to go with this thing. I know that might be getting into the mold of certain gaming sites like and Gamespy, but it would probably also be an excellent medium to attract more attention to the site. Just an idea. :P

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I love the idea and would be happy to help!

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I'm glad you enjoy the site guys :)

I'm also excited to say that Penguspy has been updated with a brand new user interface and a new super fast search engine! Hope you guys like it. Everything is custom built on HTML5/CSS3/JQuery running on wordpress.

More details about the new version at Penguspy's dev blog: Brand new Penguspy makes it easier to find great Linux games.

> Visit Penguspy ;)

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Cool website, well done! :)

Maybe having a news page with latest published games and updated and adding more info to game profiles would make it perfect ;)

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