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Link to this post 29 Dec 11

Warzone does look good, downloading right now.

I'm a horrible RTS player but I'd play you anyway marc.

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Guys, I am the slackbuild maintainer for warzone2100 so please use that for slackware. If you are looking to setup some online play, maybe my son and I can join in.

Link to this post 28 Jan 12

I just came across this link and I guess, it may be useful for someone

Link to this post 09 Apr 12

OpenArena, Savage2(Savage2 has a native linux install and is a online MMORTS). Savage2 is great if you havn't tried it you should, plus its free online play. Which suits Linux perfectly with 32 bit or 64 bit both available.

Savage 2 Download :

OpenArena Download : Use ubuntu software center.

Link to this post 09 Apr 12

can't forget TuxCart lol

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