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We all know that the greatest weakness for the Linux desktop is games, but that can be overcome with some information sharing and creative solutions.

Please share your favorite games and their homepages with game descriptions for others.

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My favorite games are First Person Shooters, so I will start with those.

Name: Sauerbraten
Description: Fast paced online FPS, with many game modes.
Review: This is currently my favorite because it has a playable map edit mode and coop map edit via servers. The game itself is very fun, but seeing the combined ideas of other taking shape makes it most intriguing.

Name: Urban Terror
Description: Urban Combat style online FPS with player modes and unique features.
Review: This game has always been one of my favorites for online play with active servers and good gameplay and weapons. although the competition may be good, the experience is worth a few deaths.

Name : Alien Arena
Description: Sci-fi alien themes online and SP FPS.
Review: This game may lack some of the heightened features of other FPS games, but the characters and weapons make it very fun.

Name: Xonotic
Description: online FPS with many game modes and weapons.
Review: Although I just found this game it is highly addictive with the many game modes, weapons and other advancements.

Name: Epic Inventor
Description: A pixel graphics based RPG in which you are tasked with gathering resources to invent objects.
Review: This game may seem outdated, but the gameplay itself is highly addicting.

Name: Scorched3D
Description: A tank game similar to the old artillery games of the past with updated 3d graphics, multiple enemies and an awesome array of weapons.
Review: You have to try it.

Name: Warzone 2100
Description: A futuristic military strategy game.
Review: The gameplay is similar to the good old starcraft and warcrat games, but the ability to build custom vehicles and develop greater technology makes this game very addicting. This is by far my son's favorite game.

Name: PySolFC
Description: The greatest card game collection ever.
Review: This game has over 1000 different card games all build on a very well structured python library, if you like card or mahjong games you definitely have to check it out.

And I saved the best thing for last.

Name: Desura
Description: Desura is a mutli-platform game distribution similar to steam, with notable collection of games available. This tool works as it's own package management system for games that is handles outside of your distro's package management scheme.
Review: Although there are some rough edges and some missing games, this tool has a lot of promise due to how it simplifies all actions and handles all action in user space without requirement administrative access. I highly recommend checking it out and asking for favorite game developers to port their games to Desura.

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Quake & Doom, ID in general.

They aren't open source at release but the engines are always eventually released ( the Doom3 engine was either just released or Carmack is still working on it ) and they always make a native Linux version for same day release.

They are one of the only big companies that takes the time to do this and I think that's something to support. Also totally ignoring moral motivation the games are awesome.

I've been a Quake player for just about forever. I played Quake3Arena on Linux up until the QuakeLive client was released for us.

If you like twitch-based FPS games or have fond memories of quake I'd reccomend checking out It's browser based with a Linux native plugin and you can either play for free in exchange for viewing a couple of ads or grab a paid account to get extra maps and better stat reporting features ( no advantage in the game for paid accounts ).


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The only game I play:


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1. Warzone 2100
2. Terminal ;-)

mfillpot: thanks for sharing your collection. Its a worth info in these Holidays

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Warzone looks interesting by the screenshots, I might give it a try

Anybody up for a multiplayer game?


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