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And for all windows games use :

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Hi friend
i will share with you some of the best games on linux:

description: This wonderful little platformer is very enjoyable. I really dig the atmosphere, sound, and feel of the game. It’s very straight forward and the gameplay has a generous mix of activities. You don’t merely shoot up aliens as you solve puzzles too. The story is pretty simple. A crew of astronauts find themselves in a world of trouble and are forced to evacuate their ship. Each one boards their own space pod and launch themselves onto a nearby planet. Scattered from your crew, you explore this strange place in search of survivors and a way to get off the hostile planet. The game art is really spot on and very consistent. Capsized’s style has a lot of flavor while keeping things simple and easy to read. The controls are fun and easy to manage, even on a keyboard. The environments and creatures are weird and sometimes creepy, but always entertaining.

2. SuperTuxKart
description: While it may be frustrating a few times during option changes, once you’re set up this game is extremely fun! There are several tracks that are very different to maneuver and many options that can completely change the way this game looks and plays. The tires leave skid-marks, so you can tell where cars are braking or spinning out. Depending upon settings, this game can be anything from a horrible to fantastic racing experience. But it’s not a bad game, just highly variable. Keep playing with it until you find the settings you like. Totally fun and very addicting!

3. CodeRED : Alien Arena
description: In many ways I believe it can be called the best free FPS out there as Alien Arena is becoming the standard by which others are judged. It is already including features not yet implemented like ragdolls for example. The CRX engine is amazing. For those of you that have been playing games a long time, this will remind you of the old Quake Arena days. Also Alien Arena is “Doom” inspired, and it’s definitely got that “Unreal” feeling about it. It can be very addictive but in a good way. The IRC is fantastic as you get to meet some really great people there who are always willing to help. The Alien Arena forum is amazing. The response time to a question is really fast. Alien Arena seems to have what you people are looking for in a game, consistent fun!

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