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which browser game do you play?

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if you want an indi game there are alot of at your browser. my fav. is estiah. a mmorpg very cool. dont ned much time for playing that, it is best option. most of the browser games need time but estiah good about that.
what is your fav. browser game?

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I'm going to check that out, thanks.

Here are a few I liked... (flash, but its awesome once you get the hang of it)


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As a young lad I enjoyed Runescape. Today I wouldn't bother log in even tough the job that they have managed to do with Java is absolutely spectacular. Compairing the original game to what they have today. But I do not have the time nor the fortitude to play it.

That game written in Javascript you had there is kinda cool ^^

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Here is another *browser* based game:

It runs in a browser but it requires a download file. I know it is supposed to work in Linux but I haven't got a chance to try it in Linux yet. It's free to play and has a nice social network like system built in.

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I quite like They regularly publish reviews of casual browser based games. Although alot of them seem to be escape the room type games.

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I've played World of Dungeons for awhile now, it's a great browser based game for people like me with only 5-10 minutes every few hours to play. One of the only group-based browser games I've ever seen. Group coordination becomes key later on. Reminds me of oldschool D&D and tabletop games with all the stats and skills there are to raise. Look me up on Baradar server if anybody joins and needs some getting started info.

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