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Why games of Linux runs slower than Windows

Link to this post 29 Oct 10

Of course, generally true. I have same experience.
But the 3D games is a special program with special requirements.
As i said before, same games on Windows runs much faster than Linux. I'm researching on the reasons.
Can anyone help me?:unsure:

Link to this post 29 Oct 10


It's odd that when they tested Ubuntu, they never tested it with an nvidia vhip, just the Intel chip. That seems rather unfair.

You are wrong... All three OSes has been tested on NVidia chip! Although Windows does not tested on Intel chip.
Please see it again.

That aside, They only tested Ubuntu, and not any other Linux distribution

Yes, which distro is better for game?

Did they turn off compiz before they ran the game?

Therefore running Compiz in same time as game running is a bad point. Isn't it?
But you now that Windows has Aero. Some body say that Windows disable it automatically on running games.
Linux must prepare itself for running game too.

How may other processes were running?

I am not agree with you. OS must be optimize process scheduling and resource allocating automatically as needs.

and I'm not really gamer, so I'm unfamiliar with the games on the list

All games on the list is known as Linux game. So that you can download it from repository. All games of the list is open source and implemented with OpenGL.

As mfillpot has already stated, my own experience has bene that things run faster and smoother under Linux than under other OSes.

As i earlier said, Games are special programs with special needs.

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