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i am trying to play some games on facebook but it wants me to install adobe i download it but i cant get it to work please can you help

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What distribution and web browser are you using?

I could give you general instructions but those will be far less useful than what I can give knowing those two things.



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Depending on your chosen distro you should be able to locate the flash plug-in in your software manager application.

With all of the required updates from adobe for flash you will have to keep downloading updates around every month, you may want to consider installing google-chrome which includes flash.

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i have tried to download google chrome but it is asking for a pasword and i have no ides what it is on the screen authenticating as root

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system info is as follows
model aspire one
operating system linpus linux lite v1.0.13.E
cpu intel(r) atom(tm) cpu n270 @1.60ghz
system memory 512 mb
hard drive 8gb
battery li-on 2200may
bios version vo.3109
firefox is the browser

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Use the Package Manager to install any software you need (both Chromium and flash-player should be available to your distro)

If that doesn't work you'll have to manually install the flash player which is not obvious nor easy to newcomers


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