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Another newbie thread. Thank you experts!

Link to this post 03 Jun 11

Hey Mike
The guide I found is very old and requires compiling from source, but, the source has remarks about how it is not working properly. I also found references that the 8187SE driver, which is based on the rtl8180 driver is the driver that has had success with this card. I just don't want to steer Harrison in the wrong direction.
I know Tim and Matt have Ubuntu installs up and running. I'm hoping one of them sees this thread and looks at the Ubuntu PPA repos to see if this driver is available. It seems it is problematic. I also thought that these Realtek drivers were already in the kernel.
It's also interesting, lspci is showing an 8190 device. Heh, if it's anything like my 8187 wifi adapter, it could be a challenge.

I'm wondering if lshw or iwconfig can pull up more info on this card, or do we need the driver working first?

@Harrison Be patient, there are others here that might have better info. I'm hoping they'll take a look at this soon.

Link to this post 03 Jun 11

try lshw again and look for a section named ethernet or network controller and see of it shows you the driver the device is using to make sure that the device is working properly.

I usually download the drivers for my devices than trying to find them online. When you download a driver for ubuntu, the driver you get is the driver designed to work with your system which is what I like. And, they work better. If you can connect your laptop to an ethernet connection with internet service try to download the driver from there.

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