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Any suggestions? No seriously, I need them.

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Now I've been using Linux for about a year now, and I feel that I don't know enough about it or about terminal commands. Could anyone suggest some commands to get comfortable with.

I know apt-get install and aptitude search. I know a few others, but I use those mostly.

Now, I've tried several distributions and found a few that I currently use. Ubuntu on PC, and #!Crunchbang on laptop. I know that #!Crunchbang is an offshoot of Ubuntu, so there's not that many differences to learn. I was just kinda wondering which distribution would get me to learn more, faster. Because the faster I learn, the more I can be useful for this site.

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Try to install Gentoo from Gentoo minimal CD. Read the installation docs from the site. after that you should know howto copy, move, extract, recompile the kernel, install grub, about fstab and much much more. if there is something you cant do - ask in their IRC channel.

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Does it have to be Gentoo, or is that one you think will be most useful to me?

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are you scared of compiling or you are scared of configurating?

you may try Linux From Scarch, but gentoo have better community and documentation.

also you can read some books about linux administration.

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I don't think you need to recompile your kernel to get comfortable with terminal commands. I was in the same boat when I started using Linux. I just decided to do day to day things in the terminal instead of through the GUI.

When you have something you want to do and you don't know the command Google it. Some very simple ones for moving around your file structure are cd (change directory), ls (list contents of directory), cp (copy), mkdir (make directory) and rm (remove - be very very careful with this one avoid using it as root until you really know what you are doing).

I can do most of my day to day tasks that don't require a program with a GUI (graphic design, surfing the web). You just have to decide that you are going to do it.

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Well, there is The Linux Documentation Project .
In your case I would suggest the Guides section, there is a lot of reading material about commands and bash.

Good luck

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