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anyone tried linux on a paceblade tablet?

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I recently picked up a Paceblade Pacebook and was wondering if there is anyone out there that has used any flavor of linux on such a device. If not any suggestions of a good distro for a touch screen tablet would be appreciated. I am familiar with the GUI side of linux but not so much with the commandline....yet
This is sort of a personal challenge for 2012 and I want to do it right
Ultimately would like to make it an orbiter for linux mce
anyway enough of my rattling
thanks in advance

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The only info on Paceblade Pacebooks I can find go back to 2002 and 2003. Maybe you can tell us what hardware it's using. Linux runs on a lot of things, knowing what cpu, video card etc., might make things easier. Is it really that old, or, did I miss something while googling?

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I had a similar experience to GoinEasy when I did a quick search. The only real info I found was in the form of a wayback machine archive of a page on the official Paceblade site from April of 2003.

This probably isn't very relevant unless you have a much older model but it does say they had Linux support in the works at that point. However the current site makes no mention of it and does not have the same Linux Support link on the page.

So that's a start albeit not a very good or up to date one. Come back with the hardware specs and we'll certainly be able to help you along further.


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