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hey my computer is pretty old and i don't have internet for it yet. i was wondering if someone could explain a way for me to download the apps onto a formatted flash drive and then upload them onto my puppy linux computer. any help will be appreciated.

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I have never used Puppy before, but according to the documentation on, it sounds like you can just download a .pet-file from this location, save it to your flashdrive, mount the flashdrive in Puppy linux and double-click the file.

That link would provide just the .pet-files without any description of what the applications do. Check out this page to browse the .pet-files with their application descriptions.

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thanks jabir, but do i have to put any kind of command for installing the flashdrive to the computer?

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Many modern distributions mount it automatically; check in the folder /media to see if anything pops up when you connect the flashdrive.

If it doesn't, you would have to mount it manually. After connecting your USB flashdrive, the following command should return the name of the device you want to mount:

ls /dev/sd*|tail -1

Let's say it returned /dev/sdg1. In that case, you should run something like this to create the directory /mnt/usb and mount the flashdrive there:
mkdir /mnt/usb
mount /dev/sdg1 /mnt/usb

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jabirali wrote:


so what does this do? does it vary for every distro?

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bllueskull wrote:

[b]jabirali wrote:[/b]

so what does this do? does it vary for every distro?[/quote]

mkdir is used to make a new directory, this is a universal command used in every Linux distro and in windows.

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