best easy and complete distro

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linux is the very good operating system that provide the more security in comparison to other os. and it is open source..
i appreciate it...


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Honestly, and i am not just talking as a startingtogetexperiencedlinuxuser. But, i mean, trust me, codecs and the likes is so easy to install (start add/remove and search for flash and whatever you need). Really. At least on Ubuntu, which is the distro i always recommend to newbies.

If you, though, insist on having what you need, and stuff you probably do not need (which might also be included on ubuntu if you get picky), i vote for mint.

Anywho. Good luck with your journey on the dark side

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I would say remaster ubuntu with remastersys and install all the codecs and modules you need. You do this once and you won't have to do it again for a year or two. If something gets hosed just dump your remastered install disk in the drive and fire away :)

(Of course really Im saying that there is no perfect out the box distro unless you want to create one yourself :P ) Other than that I would also throw my weight behind Mint.

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I'd recommend mint it's basically like Ubuntu with preinstalled codecs and a nice gnome theme.

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you can add packages to Ubuntu and make it a multimedia distro very easily, you have to instal some packages but it is easy. try this site:

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Ive been falling in love with crunchbang out of the gate it has many codecs, a large list of apps, light weight due to using the openbow wm and its built from ubuntu so it has the repositories and stability to back it up.

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