Black Window? Command Prompt?

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Yes with slackware you resolve the depoendancies yourself. To me this is a benefit becaus you know exactly what is installed on your system and where, automatic dependancy reoslution opens you to the reisk of conflicting applications and the potential to reomve a program (with it's dependancies) then find out that the dependancies are needed for other programs which are now broken.

The dependancy items is just another example of how with slackware that want the administrators in control, not the software.

I left windows because I got tired of the software making bad decisions on my system, why would I want to let someone else get that control on my system?

Michael, what is meant my dependancy resolution is that when you install a program that relies on other programs, in slackware you must also find and install each dependant program manually.

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Wow! it helps me a lot... i downloaded Slackware 13.0 at distrowatch. i think Slackware is the key to make me greener in Linux administration... thanks to you brothers...

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The Slackware guys are really good at their documentation, seemingly complex tasks are made quite simple. When you get a chance read through the text files in the root directory of the installation DVD, it will tell you how to setup many functions.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or you can usually find me in the slackware IRC channel at

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thanks Mr. Mfillpot.. :)

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