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Blogilo(Bilbo client) with

Link to this post 07 Oct 09

Did anybody manage to use the Blogilo blogging client with your blog?
I would like to try it but could not get the config (blog url, api ) right.


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I have been trying to get it to run in windows and Kubuntu without success, I am tempted to wait and test this when it is released as part of KDE. But if you tell me what distro you are using then I can install it and test this app to see if I can figure out how to make it work with the blogs.

Link to this post 08 Oct 09

Thanks. I am using OpenSUSE 11.2 Milestone 8 and I grabbed the factory rpm from the opensuse build service. It is available here

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I am downloading OpenSUSE now, I will get it installed via VirtualBox this evening and will get back to you with my findings tonight.

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There should be an API support in blogs!

I ca not find :-/ Maybe we should ask them!

Link to this post 09 Oct 09

Ya..right..I really want to use this as my primary blog but its been really difficult to find this information. I did not like the system for blog posting the last time I used it. Would be better if it opened in a new page/tab instead of the popup (not sure what to call it) that is difficult to use.
Also, I checked out Blogilo with Wordpress recently and its really cool!

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