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Not totally new to Linux. Have done distro installs before. At this point, I'm looking for a way out of the MS lock down I've been in. Looking for a good beginner/intermediate book. One that will cover things such as server installs as well as things like X-Windows/SAMBA installs from CLI. What I am looking to do is to install a file/server and mail system that is accessible from a Windows or OS X desktop.

i have not really decided as of yet. I am familiar with Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Have not used them enough to know the real differences though.

Thanks for the help.

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Well Goineasy9 made some good suggestions on internet articles good for mail I think were you asking more about a full fledge physical book right?

Well as far as internet goes a good one that Goineasy9 already suggested is:
Pretty cool on-line bookish like wiki, if that makes any sense. I particularly like IPTables part. Its simple basic but helpful for beginners.

But for physical books um....

Linux Troubleshooting Bible:
(Love this book) It helps you not only troubleshoot services but gives deeper understanding of what those services do. One of my fav.

Or.. you know what.. HERE:

If you are intending on making a server then I highly recommend CentOS over Fedora or the others. It is built off of RedHat and there is a decent amount of on-line articles and what not for RedHat/CentOS for setting up server environments.

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