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booting live cd to dual boot system

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Could anyone advise on the above? I have live cds, but would rather have some advice first!

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ammm.. if you like to use linux distros to dual boot your system.. use the distros that easy to install and to dual boot with other OS.. i recommend.. fedora, dsl and SLitaz (my favorites).

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Dual booting is a simple process now and days. Just make sure when you do dual boot that you ALWAYS in stall windows first then any linux distro.

If you reverse the process you are going to be writing a script the to he master boot record that might be out of your league. Cause it sure was out of mine :blink:

Choose a distro that suites your needs. pop in the cd and it'll take care of most of the work for you. Don't go getting click happy though just because it is a simple process READING is power in the world of linux.

BEST of luck and WELCOME TO!

I just thought about your question thought...

Do you already have a system which is dual booting at the present moment? If so... You'll now just be adding another partition to your system. Process is the same just make sure you have the right amout of space on your HD that your distro requires.

You can go to to find a flavor of linux that suites you best. Personally I would recomment OpenSuse or Ubuntu for anybody getting their feet wet.

Wow. I really shouldn't write at 2am in the morning, after just waking up... Next time I'll just keep my mouth shut. GRAMMER...

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Many thanks! Yes, I already have an ancient PC which already dual boots.

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linux brother follow the instructions of Mr. Travon his green in linux.. hehe!

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Then one very easy question can determine which class of distro you are going for. How much RAM do you have?

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