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Browsers for MintPPC/Linux Mint on PowerPC.

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if there are any other browsers available for MintPPC/Linux Mint, besides Iceweasel and Midori. Preferably one that has been altivec or vector accelerated.

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Well, there's always the installable options of Firefox and Google Chrome.

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And how do I go about that. The only PowerPC system I've seen to have Firefox officially supported is Ubuntu. Otherwise there's nothing else.

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You use Linux Mint, Yes? If you do, then Mint will use the same exact packages to install Firefox as Ubuntu.(or Google. Either one.) Mint should have a software center for you to download Firefox. (Called the Mint Software Center) And if not, you can download Firefox tar.gz from their website here: . However, I would heavily recommend downloading it from the software center if at all possible. Far easier and far better that way.

Let me know if this helps, I'd be glad to do what I can

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Well I'm using a Linux Mint based system called MintPPC, but my version does not have the software center unfortunately, since version 11 crashes on boot with my system (problem with X11 drivers). I'll definitely try downloading and installing Firefox myself. Thanks!

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No prob, and if anything goes wrong, we'll try our best to help you out. :)

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