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C++? what kind of C++ language linux developer used? i am totally comfused with the Visual, Turbo and Blah blah blah C++.. can you help me Linux brothers.. please id like to learn C++ but the Linux developers C++ or in other words Hacker programming language.. hehe! thanks in advanced and sorry for my english grammar.. :laugh:

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There is only C++. Its a computer language. Like Java or C# or Cobalt or C. I'm believe that you've mistaken IDE (integrated development environment). That's a program that you use to help you write, compile and link your program into an executable. Like there's Microsoft's terrible IDE Visual Studios. Personally I use Code::Blocks which is open source. There is also Eclipse from Sun Microsystems.

There is also Libraries for C++ which can private. Like Windows.h for programs written on windows computers. But they usually have generic or easily understood names.

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i admit my mistake, hehe! Code::Blocks and Eclipse? ok let me try that.. thx Mr. altNull..GBY!

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Mr. altNull, im using Code::Blocks now for testing.. after installing, ive created a C/C++ source code file then paste my c++ code.

My Code:
// i/o example

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main ()
int i;
cout << "Please enter an integer value: ";
cin >> i;
cout << "The value you entered is " << i;
cout << " and its double is " << i*2 << ".\n";
return 0;

after that... F9..

theres no result or output that generate... can you help me with this.. BTW, code block is great IDE.. nice suggestion.. ths!

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Well, are you on Linux or Windows right now? I'm on Windows unfortunately. If you on Linux you need to make sure that you have GCC installed. Its the compiler that is used to compile the Linux Kernel. To do that, you can just open up a terminal and type in gcc and enter. If you get a response saying that your missing a target file or something, then you need to configure Code::Blocks to use GCC. If you get a response that says that you don't have GCC installed, then install it and then configure Code::Blocks to use GCC. In Windows, Code::Blocks the "Configure Default Compiler" comes up right away. I can't remmeber about Linux. I'll have to get on Linux and figure it out.

Oh, you need to make sure that the int is assigned a number before you assign it a number from cin. Like int "i = 0;" This prevents problems with random numbers from another program being in the memory.

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thx Mr. altNull it helps me a lot.. i gonna check that configuration.. thx again..

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