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Can someone Trasnlate this into linux for me? (rooting a phone)

Link to this post 04 Mar 14

Not Linux, but the Android itself...

any instructions to root a Mezmerize?
I was hoping for some simple instructions.

go to the market and download z4root. it's the simplest way to root the mesmerize that i've found. if it hangs up for more than a couple of minutes, which i've heard of but not seen, pull the battery and run the program again. it worked the first time on mine, though.
(Same website)

If you’ve spent some time researching Android rooting software, then you may have stumbled upon a program called Z4Root. Z4Root is a free rooting program that – unlike other software – doesn’t require users to connect their Android to a computer.

Instead, the app is downloaded onto the Android itself and then run like any other app. It’s available for free as an apk file. Simply download it onto your Android and then run a file manager (like Astro File Manager) and click on the apk file you just downloaded.

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