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Choosing a distro: Pros and Cons from real users

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I figure I'll quit lurking and start posting.

Post #1!

I switched to Linux from Windows, and God forbid I ever go back. I only use it when absolutely necessary.
I really like Ubuntu and their mission statement. I've had no issues whatsoever with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is very stable, and fast. For me that's the biggest thing. I like a simple and responsive OS.
The software center is great, it's saved me headache thus far.

I'm running 11.04 but with Gnome 2. I used Unity for a short amount of time but had to switch back.

So far I think Gnome 3 is great with what they've done, but I tried it and hated it. Maybe it'll grow on me?
So for right now Gnome 2 is my preferred GUI.

I changed majors from History to Computer Science and I've really gotten into Linux. I'm looking into Archlinux right now. I'm not overly experienced with the command line so I'm going to give it some time before I switch completely. I'm still learning so I figure it'll be gradual.

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Stating personal experience, My requirement was that distro should be stable and usable like windows.....

Tried Ubuntu: Hated the GUI, and it for into habit of crashing!!......... hardly get to use it, the installer came almost naked and without any softwares (from company or third party), it was a pain

Than I tried Mint: I loved its GUI from screen shots I had seen on google, but it won't get installed on my Comp, somehow

(One major issue I has was fonts, because I am Graphic Designer into serious corporate communication...... I am fussy about fonts and wanted to use most of fonts I had collected over years!!)

Than I came across "Mandriva", a very stable system...... uses TTF fonts as it is, before shifting to Linux I had already found out about gimp, inkscape and scribus, tried and loved them over my Adobe CS........ so, for me it will be Mandriva, there are some cons that I can think of..... but, mostly as I am a new user of it and they will go away as time passes by

There is one other Linux I would have loved to try, PCLinux Gnome...... but, its gone out of business!!

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