clueless/need help/direction asap

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OffTopic: where did you get the laptop?

I'm amazed on how outside Spain people cat get computers without windows on them... and with linux!!!

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Thank you-that was very helpful! I followed the directions you gave-the box wasnt checked, therefore nepomuk wasnt enabled at all, so enabling it may fix the problem.

As far as the proxy thing goes-the box that is checked says automatically detect proxy configuration, then prompt as needed.

As far as where the computer came from-my cousin sent it to me. From what I understand she had this computer built for her. She recently needed to upgrade and sent me this one. She kept her OS, but loaded Linux for me. She said the only thing that is really wrong with it, is the wifi board is cracked and may, at times lose a connection.

I thank you very much for your time and assistance.

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If the only thing that is wrong with the laptop is the wifi card, you can always by a usb wifi stick to take its place, they're not expensive.
As far as the proxy thing. Maybe the checkbox for using a proxy was accidently checked, or something was put in the proxy address box so it thinks you want to use a proxy. Check and see. If the box is checked that is on the line with the proxy settings, uncheck it and see if that gets rid of the notification. If not, you can use the screenshot apps that I talked about in the other thread and take a picture of the message and post it here. At least then we would be able to tell you exactly what's going on.

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Wow you, you guys have been busy with this thread.

I did not see anyone touch on the software installations, please remember that windows .exe based software does not work out of the box in Linux based systems. When using Linux Mint KDE you will use the software manager (which is documented in the user guide) to find and install software from a trusted online repo, there will not be a need to download any files from websites.

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Ok, so I got the nepomuk to stop alerting (checked a box), I switched the proxy box to be the one that says 'connect to internet directly', so far I haven't seen the message again just yet, so that may be good as well.

I found where to get to the software manager, and how to view the different programs available, as well as those installed on the computer. When I click on a program I want to use, nothing happens-doesn't matter what I click on, no change.

Any ideas?

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