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database (yes, I did try a search first)

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I am presently building a pc to use as a small business database server with the ability to be accessed from Iphones, Ipads and PCs connected remotely through the internet for the limited purpose of adding and accessing information.

I am presently using XP svc pk3, and Access 2003 for building and maintaining the database, but have not yet set it up for remote access.

I have diddled with Caldera and the command line, 12 years ago as part of a general PC course. And have set up and used MINT just for internet access.

Basically I am looking for suggestions for distributions, Database software and how to allow queries and input remotely. Additionally I need to scan and track photos and send query reports via email (quotes, invoices etc.)

I know I can do this with Wind-Blows, Access and RealVNC, but am a bit paranoid about the users ability to screw with my setup.

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Any Linux based distribution can run mysql or mariadb (opensource databases similar to MSsql). The real question is whether you want the source system to be a server for limited use or a general desktop.

As for remote access you can read a little at , in which you want choose to access it remotely via mysql clients, a ssh connection, a website or even if you want to program an application to access it remotely. Depending on your use your best bet based upon the devices listed would be to use php and apache webserver to build a website as a from end similar to ms access forms what can accessed from any web-browser.

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