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Im a newbie w/ Linux, I have Yellow Dog on my PS3 and Love it more then the XMB by Sony. I want to convert ALL my home PCs to one version of linux or another, but I need to know where to start. I need lots of help with gettign started.

First off, how do i pick a Linux that is right for me??
Im a tattoo Artist so i would need something that would be good for image editing. Also i need a media player, music and art are my life.

Can someone help me???

Thank You

Rob Smith
River of Blood Tattoos

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OH and is there anyway to turn a Rogers Samsung Jack from windows mobile to Linux??? that would be too cool!!!!!

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I tried out an Ubuntu distribution on live cd as my first Linux distro. Then I tried Debian, and now I'm using Linux Mint 7 - which I love so far.

Installing is easy. The only issues I had were with my wireless internet, but that was nothing that some reading and experimenting couldn't fix.

I guess my advice based on personal experience is that everyone likes a given Linux distro for their own personal reasons. You kind of have to try them out and see what you like. All this stuff is customizable anyway. Start by running it on a LiveCD....then maybe dual booting before wiping out your Windows OS.

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Dont install same distro on all your pcs. on one you can install ubuntu, on other mandriva, on other opensuse - until you find your best distro. Here you will find wich distro is hot. Sabayon looks fancy.

For music you can use Audacious, Totem, XMMS2

For movies you can use gnome-mplayer (kmplayer) {mplayer}, Xine, VLC.

For drawing the best programs are Gimp, Incscape. And also Photoshop works in Wine, think so.

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thanks everyone for the info, ive heard about Linux Fedora when i was working with my PS3 and now i run the Live DVD on my PC and my mouse doesnt work ... does anyone know what could be up with that??

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Install one of either Fedora 11, Ubuntu 9.04 or LinuxMint 7 on your most powerful (storage/memory/processor) computer. THen install VirtualBox-ose (google it) on that computer. After you have VB going, download install and/or LiveCD editions of as many distributions as you want. Install these distro's in VB and test them out.

This method is less involved and difficult than trying out different LiveCDs everyday. It has the advantage that you can directly compare different distros as you run them side by side on in VB. At them same time you are gaining experience running your main distro.

As a long time Linux user (Ubuntu) I'm using this method to help me switch from Gnome to Enlightenment DR17 (e17). I'm staying on Ubuntu 9.04 for the time being so I'm running e17 on it in VB. This means that I don't disrupt my daily computer use wile learning and configuring e17 to my satisfaction.

hope this helps.


P.S Head over to to find distros. There is a hierachy and a sequence to adopting distros. I would only start a newbie with, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, PCLinuxOS, MEPIS or Mandriva. The rest you graduate to.

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