forum doesnt work with IE9

Link to this post 17 Apr 12

Its refreshing to read comments by people who care.
Some websites and forums take ages to even recognise a problem (then blame microsoft, users, addons, etc).

So well done, and i hope it all works out.

Next time i'm in the office i'll try a new thread, if no one beats me to it.
Cheers, Jon

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Hi BigJon,

Do you get any Javascript errors reported by IE9?

According to the post you mentioned, the front end should work fine in IE9.

If you can provide us with some sort of error message it will help us track down the problem.

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Hi again BigJon,

I had someone do some testing and they can post ok in IE9 - but they had difficulty selecting the fields due to some CSS issues causing the labels to overlap the fields and preventing them from being easily clicked on.

Is this the same issue you are experiencing?

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Hello yet again BigJon,

Could you please try again now.

There is a bug in IE7+ apparently where you can't click on any text field or text area that has a background color of none or transparent.

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