Good Book for beginners?

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Hi, I was wanting to learn more about Linux and possibly some Bash scripting. I'm not sure which book would be best for me, though.
So, I was thinking about "Beginning the Linux Command Line" because it seems like that is most of the command line knowledge I would need and the basics of Bash. What I'm asking is what are all of your personal recommendations?
I've got a budget of about $35 so not really looking to get something like the Linux Bible.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Because there are so many options in Linux based systems no book will give you the best core understanding of everything, so depending on what parts you want to learn the recommended books will differ. If you want to learn about the GUI operation we need to know what distro you are using, if you want to learn about network services it would be another book.

But since you asked about bash, then the listed book would definitely help you get a foundation, later on you can look for some books on advanced bash scripts and regular expressions.

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Thanks, I wasn't planning on learning about the GUI or advanced things like that. Really just the basics and Bash, not like I'm going to be doing an LFS thing. (Although I would like to once I'm experienced enough)

Linux wouldn't be any fun if you only knew how to do 6 things through the command land.
So I'll just get a few more suggestions and a ask a few friends before I decide which would be the best and not just a waste of my time and money for what I want to do. And thanks again for all your help.

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There is a book that will teach you "basic" command line commands using bash. It is called " Essential Commands Linux Pocket Guide". It is small, easy to read and fun to use. I use all the time when I need to know a command to do some executions in the bash terminal. It is 179 pages, so not a lot to read, and it cost only $10. It also gives an introduction into programming with shell scripts if you want to write bash files. It is light and can easy fit in your pocket, which means it is designed to go on the road.

A very good feature of this book, it tells you where all the commands are located on disk. I highly recommend this book which you can buy at any Barns&Noble book store, for anybody getting started interacting with the CLI.

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Thanks for the suggestion Istimsak, that sounds perfect for me since I use a laptop that I carry around. A nice little Linux book that I can always have with me instead of carrying a normal one around. I'd be able to practice a bit of scripting. I'll definitely get that for myself.

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