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Good O.S. for older laptop to run beside win xp

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That clears things up.

You won't be able to install the iso image unless you can burn it to a DVD or usb. USBs are better since you can rewrite to them. The image is 1.3GB big which means you can use a 2GB flash drive (usb), burn the image to the flash on your fedora system and boot your fedora system using the usb drive. From there you can install Zorin 6.

There is another way to install from the image without burning it to a drive, is to use PXE boot from a network server. This is more technical and something I am still mastering....LOL

If you can find a 2GB usb drive, then you are in business.

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You can burn Zorin 6 Light which is 695MB big to a CD or a 1GB usb drive

Zorin 6 light

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What are the sizes or your DVDs, CDs and USBs if you have any?

Another note, if your PC is lacking in graphics then I would suggested a lighter version of linux that is not graphic intensive. Zorin 6 maybe too much. Instead try Mint 13, or, Zorin 6 light.

mint 13 xfce

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petersonlevi88 said:

Thank you much. They have no exp with Linux and I myself am somewhat of a newcomer. I love Ubuntu 64 bit but have problems with running files on Fedora 17 64 bit. If you have any advice on how to get Zorin 6 64 bit to run as install from saved file on Fedora without disc, please let me know. Thanks.

You can set grub2 to boot the iso file to run it as though it is a physical disk with the instructions at

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Thank you all. I have a 1GB flash and 650MB CD-RW'S I do have a 4GB micro sd card and card readers on both PC's. Can that work???

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Great info mfillpot, thanks :-)

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