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I wanted to let everyone know thats looking for an internet learning community which promotes developers and students from all over the world. Come learn anything, from Linux to Windows, from software to hardware. Programming to engineering. We will assist you on your journey though technology

We have a chatroom on freenode at #pulpie and our website is check it out, we help a lot of users each day and will always offer consultants and services for free.

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Hi All,

First of all i am very new to scripting.
I am facing "file not found issue".
My script exeutes look into the file for informatica workflow path details.

This is the command i am using to run the script.
$ bash emp.lst is the script which uses the emp.lst as a parameter file.

emp.lst is the file which tells the path details of informatica workflow.

When i execute this command it is saying emp.lst is not found,but i have placed this file in the path.
I have checked the file by exeuting the below commands.
ls emp.lst
This issue has been running for long back.
If any one have faced this issue or have an idea to resolve please let me know the steps.
Thanks in advance for your great help.


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It sounds like the method you are using to reference the file may not be properly referencing the path, can you share the portion of the script that handles file communication so we can diagnose it?

Please post it on and link here to preserve the indentation.

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