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hand holding instructions for loading Linux via DOS

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arochester said:

With that amount of RAM you are going to use a fairly lightweight distro, something like Lubuntu, Xubuntu or Crunchbang Linux. I mention those in particular because the Install disk has an automatic installer, so you don't need to manually partition.

(Antix is a very good distro for older computers but I can't remember if the disk has automatic installer...)

Increase the mount of RAM if you can, if it is economically sensible.

Remember! You can't have a lightweight distro and put a lot of heavyweight apps on top of it because that kind of defeats the purpose.

You need to download an iso. Either burn it on to a CD or USB stick. Make sure the BIOS/Boot Order is set to boot from the CD-Rom/USB first, before the Hard Drive. Reboot

Thanks. That is what I meant by "hand holding" telling me really basic stuff like that which now that you say it makes perfect sense but I wasn't quite getting. The Windows machine is so slow and unreliable I would never even attempt to burn a CD with it but I think what I will do is use one of my computers at home (the windows machine is an orphan I use when at a friend's place) and then bring that with me and give it a shot. If nothing else I'm kind of curios to see how much faster a basic Linux system runs on that box. But I also think it might make a nice little web browsing platform once I remove the Windows virus :)

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