hdd partition for dual boot

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I am about to attempt my first install of linux.

I have read differing opinions on the best partition software, but (possibly out of ignorance) I seem to find a greater concensus that gparted will be the least likely to lunch my existing XP installation.

I will, of course, backup before I begin.

I have an 80g drive...the new XP installation lives on 50g formatted ntfs (of course) leaving me about 25g for my install. I would like to reclaim at least 10g as I have revised my original estimate of what I would need for linux. I think this reclamation is what is considered a little risky.

Sound right? Any advice before i begin????

Assuming this is successful (it will be...even if I have to reinstall XP on a smaller partition); the next step is the following partition plan for the 35g...

sda1 - / (root) - 5g - ext3
sda2 - /var - 5g - ReiserFS
sda3 - /home - 20g - ext3
sda4 - /extended partition
sda5 - swap - 5g - ext3 (logical)

Sound right? Anyone?

I want to be sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot before I begin.

THanks in advance for all responses


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35G is a good size for a non-experimental, everyday-use Linux install.

Gparted is the way to go.

However, I would change the partition set up just a smidgen...

10G - /(root) --> formatted as ext3
*no separate /var partition needed*
23G - /home --> formatted as ext3
2G - /swap --> formatted as Linux swap

There will be other opinions about this, I'm sure. Just sort of average them out. The above formatting scheme is what I would use (and have used many times). It's simple and it works.



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I agree with Eric. When I was a new user I also thought that I needed partition for almost every root directory, but that is not needed.

For a basic user the best bet is to have swap, / and /home partitions. this minimizes your admin time and allows you to resize the / and /home in the future if you want to reallocate the space.

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You might even want to consider using Logical Volumes (LVM) as it will make your life easier when it comes to resizing your partitions . You can do it on the fly without unmounting the filesysystem and its simple too . So what I would suggest is

/boot ----> 200MB

/ -----> on LVM ( You can start with 5 GB and later increase )

/home ------> on LVM ( You can start with 10G )

There are a lot of other great things you can do with LVM . For more information check :

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but for me, it is the best option not to format your hdd just to install linux you can use Virtual Machine in windows xp and run your linux to it, then when you decide to change your OS from windows to great linux, it is time to remove you partition and install a fresh copy of linux.

you can also use pendrivelinux, pendrivelinux is a flash drive base linux you can install it to your 1gb or up flash drive and run your computer without changing anything in your harddisk.

hope it helps

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if you are not very understand it,maybe you want try wubi(ubuntu).

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