hdd partition for dual boot

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Thanks Arben,

I recently replaced and reloaded XP on a new HDD. When I partitioned it with XP, I didn't format the remaining volume before or after the NTFS partition.

I was under the impression the linux volume had to be formatted to the file system of your choice prior to loading. This would be a much easier (and less risky) procedure.

I have VM ware on a MAC to run windows and have not been too favorably impressed with the performance penalty so i thought I'd do this one as a dual boot. The other reason for dual boot is that I have a substantial investment in several software programs that run on XP...mostly geometry and cnc postprocessors and emulators. XP is always going to be with me.

I ran the Knoppix disk when my hdd crashed. It was pretty impressive and got me started reading. I'm ready to get off the Gates Plan.

I appreciate your input.


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Hey Jack,

I've never heard Ubuntu called Wubi...nice feel to it.

This single question has been the driver of a lot of reading. I've looked at several other distros as well: Debian Lenny, LFS, Arch.

I decided to learn Arch...I like their concept and it fits my needs.

I'll keep my progress posted.

Thanks for your post.


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Thanks Casey,

I'll defrag before I start...that will either hurt or help.

Although I'm considering leaving well enough alone and either going with the LVM or trimming down the sizes to fit, as suggested.

I doubt I'll distro hop but the possibility does exist. I'm actually attracted to the rolling release plan of Arch. If the logical volumes leave me feeling sketchy, I'll just downsize.

Thanks for the input.


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Thanks Atreyu,

That's a great Idea...I'm thinking this will enable a smoother migration away from the Gates Plan. I'd like to move everything possible as quickly as practicable.

Why didn't I think of that?


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Hey Semphis,

What may seem obvious to you is potentially a good idea to me. Actually I have not booted up the ISO but as i appreciate it the Arch ISO is primarily command line until I adopt a desktop.

I'm pretty old school and am really looking forward to getting back to a good ol' command line.

Just the same...thanks for the suggestion.


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OK Jason,

Your suggestion about the log files crashing the OS (particularly on limited size) aligns with my reading. I'll likely follow your counsel.

I have not read the LVM piece yet but it sounds "logical" to me as well. Probably follow that one too.

I'll look a little closer at the ext4 fs format...I have read only one article to base my opinion on.

And another little jewel you provided was the existence of a gparted live CD. That really helps.

Many thanks,


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