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help in identing and adding tabs in a file

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I know I can indent a code in eclipse but I have a huge file which needs to be indented and aligned.The words in each line have to be specifically separated by tabs.

The ideal line is like one below.
All the words are seperated by tab except the last set of words ie name,id,sourceid group.

POINT   era     parent  244506  244928  0.974692        +       .       Name=pq2.1;ID=pq2;source_id=l_Le10020385;identical_details=.;part_details=.;TWIN=pq121749.1

My infile looks like this

POINT   era     parent  244506  244928  0.974692        +       .       Name=pq2.1;ID=pq2;source_id=l_Le10020385;identical_details=.;part_details=.;TWIN=pq121749.1;

POINT   era     minor   244506  244928  0.974692        +       .       Name=pq2.1;ID=pq2.1;source_id=l_Le10020385;identical_details=.;part_details=.;TWIN=pq121749.1;

POINT   era     cluster 244506  244928  .       +       0       source=pq2.1;

POINT era parent 391082 394347 0.955489 + . Name=pq3.1;ID=pq3;source_id=l_Le10020387;identical_details=.;part_details=QWE4.1805.1,QWE4.1805.1;TWIN=pq121751.1;

POINT   era     clust_5 391082  392878  .       .       .       source=pq3.1;details=QWE4.1805.1;

POINT   era     cluster 393699  393859  .       +       2       source=pq3.1;

POINT era parent 408716 416853 0.999853 - . Name=pq4.1;ID=pq4;source_id=l_Le10020388;identical_details=QWE4.1812.2;part_details=.;

After manual inspection ,the lines which have parent in 3rd tab mostly have this misalignment.Others are all proper.

Is there a way I could have them aligned like in order i previously put ?

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