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Help make 7 an unlucky number for Microsoft

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All in all i guess this is nice.

However i personaly dont like to force people over, Anyone should use the operatingsystem that works best for them...

I myself was never told by anyone to start using any linux dist, but i just had to try it ( i always knew that linux existed and when i was 15 i tried it...) i think if anyone would pushed it on me, i would never tried it...

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Excellent point, Jonas. Though as technologist we are to suppose to be, I guess, I bit more Vulcan when it comes to feelings, but no one like to be pushed or made to feel odd for their previous decisions. I truly believe that Windows, maybe not 7, will succumb to its bloat and HW requirements.

I simply told and showed my clients, via a free Live CD of Ubuntu GNOME or KDE, how they could recycle their non-compliant Windows 7 desktops and notably their underpowered laptops into suitable Linux units and still do most everything, not all, but enough to make it worth their interest. Times of economic upheaval always demand some different thinking. Ubuntu or other desktop distros of Linux are coming on line frequently.

Welcome, Jonas.

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I've heard that Windows 7 runs slower and slower with time. Is it that some functions are not active at the start?

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James wrote:

I've heard that Windows 7 runs slower and slower with time. Is it that some functions are not active at the start?

Most likely the person who stated that was uninformed. Every version of windows that I have run except for 3.1 have gradually degraded performance over time because of file fragmentation. Because of how the windows filesystems write files it is necessary to continually defragment the system. If you run Windows I would highly recommend getting diskkeeper software, it has a setting to defrag your system while it is running or while the screensaver is running that will help to keep the system maintained.

I know this is a Linux site, but in some cases windows is the best tool for the job and I believe in helping people to keep their systems running at peak efficiency no matter what they run. Even though windows is the competition we can't start spreading misinformation.

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I've heard that Windows 7 runs slower and slower with time. Is it that some functions are not active at the start?

Every version of Windows I have ever run got slower and slower with time and that includes installations I have done for clients.
I don't have an accurate count, but I would estimate that number to be in the range of 5 or 6 hundred.

As stated in an earlier post, it is because of the way Windows writes to the HDD, but it is also because as you install more and more software the registry size rapidly increases. This means Win has to read more stuff on the drive at boot time. Also, some installers leave tracks all through your registry which they should have deleted when they deleted the temporary files which were used for said installations. The only reliable solution I have come up with for this problem is to occasionally reinstall Wdo's to a different directory eg:c:\winxp or something.

The computer on which I am currently typing this message had gotten to the point where boot-up took in excess of 8 minutes (after trying several different defragmenters and at least two registry cleaners). I finally reinstalled and it went to less than 90 seconds. Now it wants to power itself up in the middle of the night and usually has to be hard-reset (the other button on the front of some computer cases) after power-up. I only tolerate it because I use it about once a week for internet access only.

As for bad-mouthing Microsoft and Windows, I believe I have well over earned my stripes with hundreds of installations, more upgrades and repairs than you can imagine, and 11 personal computers running right now (not including my laptops). Linux, Ubuntu, Musix, Ubuntu Studio, Mepis, Mint, and/or Fedora have been installed on most of them. Fedora will be installed on this one as soon as I can get the latest version I D/L'd while I was writing this burned onto a CD.

Hey, Bill. Injest defacation and cease to exist, oh thou of the Oedipus complex.


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