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Hi i just installed Linux mint but i have some questions

1: On Windows are all my files located
ehm.. do i need to install every thing over again ?

and i have a security program on WIndows i dont know if it is installed here so im not secure and i play a game named : Wolfenstein ET That is on my windows either and i dont have any file of windows in here so can somebody help with this ?

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I am a little lost by your request.

Are you trying yo figure out how to access your windows files from Linux or access your Linux files from windows?

WolfET can be run in Linux, and your preinstalled iptables firewall should be sufficient to protect you when you are playing, however getting a GUI for iptables can help you to refine the firewall rules to properly protect you.

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I want to know how I can transfer windows files to Linux
and programs too

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jmgtr 1994 wrote:

I want to know how I can transfer windows files to Linux
and programs too

mint and windows are different operating systems, not all applications file and applciations are fully compatable, they operate in two different ways.

I am not versed in mint, but in most Linux distros you can mount the windows partitions with "mount -t vfat {partition} {mount point}" or "mount -t ntfs-3g {partition} {mount point}". To mount the Linux partitions from windows you will have to find some third party software that in most cases will give you read-only access to the files. Windows is not built to read filesystems that are not native windows filesystems.

As for applications and games, you can install windows applications in mint through emulators like crossover Office, crossover Games, cedega, and wine. However, these will have to be new installations in mint, you cannot just point to the windows programs on your other system and expect them to work. For most of your application needs you will find comparable applications or Linux native versions of the apps you want, as is the case with WolfET.

If you play WolfEt in mint linux from the linux installer, you will feel a networking and rendering performance increase that will give you an upperhand in the game.

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If you open up the file browser, Nautilus, you will by default have a pane to the right where your harddrives and favourite folders will be shown. Just click on your Windows harddrive and it will automaticly mount and open it.

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