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How to become a Linux system administrator

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If you really want to be a good Linux admin I advise you to go to college, do a Computer Science course, and after that you could follow a linux certification path [LPI or Red hat].
But if you don't want to go to college you could use the LPI as a guide to your studies.

Good luck, don't give up, and keep us updated.

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ye.i agree with piucco's advise
i think go to college will be fine do you think so ?
OKay, Good luck.

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I think you would need to practice many scenarios on how to configure , administer machine with Linux installed one. You would also need to practice on how to apply OS patches as it requires in real time network environment. As a administrator you will be held accountable and responsible for servers health, so you would need to understand and implement methods of monitoring .... hope this helps.

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