how to install linux to hdd

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thanx for the help, but it's kinda big for me to download, I guess linux just
is not for me, I was hopeing puppy or dsl would work for me but they let me down,
so I guess I have no choice but to give up on geting linux installed, but thanx again

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Did you change the BIOS/Boot Order to boot from the CD-Rom and did you change it back?

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I used plop to boot from my flash drive, and rufus to burn the ise to it

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ok I got precise puppy to install on my hdd, but when I restarted my pc I got (error 15) what did I do wrong every time I get it installed I get the same stupid error, I have restarted my pc over 20 time's trying to install linux, what am I doing wrong?

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Error 15 is a Boot error (I *think* meaning that files cannot be found).

Did you install Boot to the MBR?

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if this is what you mean, I used (gpart)and created 2 partition's

hda1 primary ext3 BOOT-(I installed puppy to this one)
hda2 logical ext3

after writing I exit the gpart and went back into it to ensure it was set corectly and it still said (BOOT) (on the hda1 primary ext3 partition) so I think I did that right

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