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Hi there,

I know I am probably asking a question that has been answered many times over, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and would quite like a simple explanation.
My father and I decided that my little brother didn't really need XP for flash gaming and math homework, so we thought that a nice light-wight Linux OS would ease the terrible lag that this PC suffers. So, in my noobiness, I decided to go to the Linux website, download TinyMe, and see how things turned out. The result has been me realizing just how little I know about computers in general. I have been through various manuals, including partitioning, Dual-booting, liveCd'ing, formatting, etc etc. I just want to get rid of everything on this computer (No, it has nothing of value), and replace it with Linux. Could someone please clear all this up for me? If you could, it would be greatly appreciated.


Intel Pentium(R) M Processor 1500Mhz
1024MB RAM
DxDiag attached.

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Your resources are sufficient, you will probably want a linux based distro with a simple gui based installation. I recommend checking out Linux Mint and Ubuntu, that should start you out on the right foot and help you to get familiar with the system in a friendly GUI.

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Thanks, I actually came to the Ubuntu conclusion myself, although I didn't know it was Linux based. I'm downloading it now, and hopefully it's easier to install then the nightmare I had with TinyMe.

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Ubuntu is far simpler, it is similar to a windows installation without all of the acceptance prompts.

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Right, so I've finished downloading the appropriate Ubuntu Winrar File. What do I do now? To restate, I wish to fully replace Windows with Ubuntu and I have a USB. I don't care about losing data, there is nothing of value on this computer.

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I've never downloaded a Winrar file for Ubuntu, I've always chosen the ISO file, but, as long as you got it from the official Ubuntu site, I guess that's ok. You have to extract the iso from the rar file and use that for the installation. Hmmm. I just looked at the Ubuntu site and didn't see any RAR files ... you did download it from the Ubuntu site, yes? Maybe you just used the phrase Winrar because that's what you're used to? This is the site where I download Ubuntu from: It should be downloaded as an ISO file. Just making sure because RAR files aren't the most secure, especially if you got it from somewhere other than the official site.

With Windows I use a program called CDBurnerXP to burn the iso to either a CD, DVD or USB stick. Boot up whatever media on the computer, and, just remember to choose "Install to Whole Disk" (although it may be worded differently in Ubuntu). It should automatically partition your hard disk and do the install for you.

This is the official download site of CDBurnerXP if you need it:

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Edit: BTW - If anyone was interested in the install instructions for TinyCore, I looked them up before coming back to the thread and saw that the OP had already downloaded Ubuntu. The install instructions are here: . I'm posting the link so I don't loose it, just in case someone else needs it.

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