I know nothing about Linux

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Hi, I am brand new to Linux and don't know very much.
I am having a problem connecting to the internet while running Linux, when I use XP I use a program that connects me to the internet and I don't know how to connect when Linux is running.
By the way I am using Ubuntu if that is useful at all.
Also i tried installing the program I use on Ubuntu but the program only works with XP or Vista.

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Well to help first it would be nice to know a few things. Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provide). Is it Dial-Up or is it HighSpeed? Whats the software that you run in XP that helps connect?

Answer those questions and it will give us more to work with. ^.^

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My ISP is Comcast and I connect through the Belkin Networking Utility.
Anything else that may be useful to you?

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If your 'puter is plugged into the ethernet cable, Ubuntu will detect it and connect automagically. To see if it is, simply open a browser (launch Firefox) and see if it loads up. It should be telling you "updates are available," etc if it is connected. Ubuntu uses the Gnome Network Manager and it ordinarily just sees the connection and jumps on at boot-up.

Is that not what is happening?

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well i connect to my wifi and I use a wireless adapter. But when I went on Ubuntu it didn't recognize my personal wifi. And I don't know how to tell it to "search for it.

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It sounds like this is an issue with your wifi adapter not being detected by ubuntu. Can you please tell us what version of ubuntu you have installed and give us the model information from the wifi adapter?

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