Installing on old PC

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Thanks for all the suggestions on a distro. First I have a simple problem, and I think the solution is probably simple.
Seems the first step should be to get lilo to boot a live distro from a CD. How do I set up lilo to do this? Does it know how to control a CDROM? Maybe I'm missing something obvious?

I have previously tried GRUB-which did not work. Then I tried PLOP, which was a FLOP. It hung up and I had to reboot, fortunately the MBR was still intact.

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Well I tried Puppy on that old computer, it starts to boot, then looks like it hangs.. from what I can tell from the puppy website, I don't have enough ram, 64 mb short, will have to look into it more. I could try Gentoo also, does this one have a boot from cd option only too like puppy does?

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Wow, 64mb ram, I don't think I ever ran anything in 64 mb but DOS. I'm sure that there must be Linux distros that will run under 64 mb, but they will probably be more of a project for you, then a live cd that just runs.

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Since you are stating that you are short 64Mb of RAM, then I would assume that you are using 32Mb - 184Mb, in that case I would not be confident that any modern distro with a GUI can run on that system. You can try a distro based on ratpoison, xfce or lxde to see if they will work. However you should be able to setup the system to be CLI-only and run it with minimal applications.

Just don't look for anything fancy when you have minimal resouces available.

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You might be able to install Slackware with xfce (exlude the kde packages) on that system and get it running.

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Mfillpot, I have no idea what you just said, I am new to Linux. That computer has 64mb of ram, I am not interested in anything fancy, just something for basic web browsing.

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