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internet connection no longer working

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Please open the terminal from Applicaions->Terminal and input the commands that Pavol gave in his last post then tell us what happens.

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One other thing, make sure under the wired connection, you check the box that says start network automatically. If that box is not checked it may be the reason for network manager not starting. Although as said in a previous post by Pavol:

sudo service network-manager restart

should start the networking.

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doesn't sound stupid, I did check it & unplugged it and plugged it back in & it still doesn't work
thanks though

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sorry, I'm a newbie ... how do I do this?

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Just some additional procedures, unplug your switch and plug it back. Then check that your router is working properly, like receiving activities, this means it is connected to your ISP. If not, restart your router by powering it off and on. Once you've done that, apply the procedures in your terminal as stated by the previous posts.

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To input the code, open your terminal from applications>accessories>terminal

Then in the terminal, type as follow

#sudo service network-manager restart

The system will ask for your password, and once given correctly, your ethernet device will be restarted.

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