Internet trouble in Linux

Link to this post 27 Jun 11

you are amazing Pavol Odlevak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your solution works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have not been able to connect for ages through my linux :( I develop under linux, every time i need internet i must reboot to enter in Windows :(
But thanks to your intelligence and kindness I have internet againt with one command line of yours !
thank you very muc Pavol Odlevak !

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Please note, there are intermediate glitches occurred with respect to NetworkManager software. (hope you know NetworkManager, this is the software these days most distributions contains, which helps your wifi connections, as well your internet connections even the internet USB data card connections.

After the bugs are fixed, now again it started working well.

This happened with for example in Fedora Core-14 release default NetworkManager, all USB Datacards failed to connect, soon Fedora released upgrades, via upgrades NetworkManager is got upgraded.

This may be also applicable for Ubuntu or any Distribution. Since all of them use (or dependent) on NetworkManager software.

Cheers, Kiran Kankipati.

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thank you for your clarifications , dear Sir

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