Is linux right for me?

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It's hard to you,I suggest use dual system,you can do some in windows and to learn some linux,you will love it.

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You can use the GTK+ or QT, but no MFC.

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1. Adobe Photoshop CS2
2. Autodesk 3DS max 2009 x32
3. Steam to play Counter strike source, and work on my own source mod.
4. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
5. My wacom tablet

1. Photoshop cs2 Works with Wine with minor problems.

2. 3DS max 2009 does not

3. CSS works well

4 Works perfectly

5 Wacom works, I've used one recently. Needed to configure a bit for ubuntu 8.10, but should work out of the box for 9.04.

I'm smelling for motives, I'm asking if you were just trying to mess with us by listing some clichés which should not work. Like Microsoft would ever release a Linux version of their IDE:s. And not to mention that I think it's just a wrong way to go using Microsoft products with Linux, but that's not my headache.

So, most should work. There are plenty of alternatives to 3DS max, I'd recommend Blender 3D. It will seem to be hard at first, but when you learn the ropes, you'r workflow will be faster.

Also, no worrying for malware and better overall security, no need to reinstall after a while, unless you get hooked to distrohopping like me. no stupid activation schemes, no restrictions for using Linux...

I'd say it is, but you have to choose whether you think the freedom is worth it.

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Linux fits to everybody !
IF ?

you are willing to learn, Converting your mind form windows to linux system.

want to be secured, no viruses, malwares, trojan, etc..

Do all the things you want because every window programs has linux equivalent you all need to do is read, test, and apply, linux can be configure the way the user use it.

So reboot your system boot to ubuntu Jaunty (9,04 Newest version and install) then Read,Test and apply.

your in a good track if you will succeed migrating.


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"If... you are willing to learn."

That is a very good point, friend Arben. :)

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you eric really stalking at me hehehehe kidding aside. tnx for the compliment friend eric.

peace out, Rock On ! ! LINUX

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