Is linux right for me?

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Hi, im thinking about converting from windows, and i need to ask a few questions before i do.

Regaurdless, i have notebook PC x32/x86 bit, 2GB RAM, and a 120GB HDD, and an intel Video card, a RealTek wireless card, and i have a 500GB external hard drive.

since im on a laptop(that thinks its a desktop) i need to know if i will be able to use the touchpad (i backed up all the corresponding files for it).

i also need to be able to use a few programs...

1. Adobe Photoshop CS2
2. Autodesk 3DS max 2009 x32
3. Steam to play Counter strike source, and work on my own source mod.
4. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
5. My wacom tablet

i backed up all the files for all these programs on my external HDD

please respond fast, ill be doing this tonight.


P.S. what i mean by, the laptop that thinks its a desktop is that, my laptop has no screen, and a big monitor, and a external mouse, and an external HDD (as well as an internal one) and an external source system.

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EDIT: im also considering Ubuntu

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Nobody can tell you if linux is right for you or not, that's an answer that comes from personal experience so the best you can do is actually try it and see if it does what you expect/need

Regarding the programs you listed, as far as I know, few of them can be run on linux using wine, photoshop at least seems to work very good on wine, 3ds max however does have several problems, counter strike seem fine with a few tweaks, visual studio works but it has several problems and wacom tablet not a clue to be honest. You can verify most of this info on the winehq site

Regarding touchpad and hardware support, most common ones of today distros should be enough for you and since you're thinking on ubuntu that should be a good choice

Beyond all this, if you'll be a happy linux user or not will depend on your own tests while using the system


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Never used a wacom tablet, but you may be able to find some info on it here:

Your touchpad will work fine on pretty much any distro. Your windows files will not work, nor be necessary.

A note on Ubuntu 9.04, there have been some major changes with the Intel driver, and on some cards there are serious performance regressions. You might be better off with 8.10, or a different distro.

Windows programs generally do not run under linux. Some will work using a program called WINE. I don't game, so I can't tell you about whether Steam is usable. Photoshop C2 does work, I think. You should look into a similar open source project called GIMP, however.

I'm not a developer, so I don't know too much about using MS Visual C++ with linux, but there is this website:

You should probably look into native linux IDEs, of which there are many.

For Autodesk, look to Blender for an alternative.

If you absolutely cannot live without any of these windows programs, then linux is probably not for you, at least as an exclusive option. You could look to dual booting linux and windows, or using a virtual machine.

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Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0???It just does not run in Linux.
Linux is right for me„ÄÅfor all Linux fans.:)

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You're going to need to use virtualbox to do those things.

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