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Are there any Linux-friendly ISPs out there? I am tired of getting ripped off for high-speed Internet ans then being told that they 'don't support Linux.'

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Linux friendly is only a phrase.

Generally for home internet access your chosen operating system makes no difference, only if you are using your computer to dial into an ISP's network should you have to rely on their support at the operating system level, such as with mobile broadband cards.

I have run Linux based operating systems and routers on Quest, Cox and Verizon's networks. Below is how I respond to their questions when I have experiencing internet connection issues.

CS Rep: Thank you for using ****, how may I help you?
ME: The ISP based DNS server seems to be having problems resolving domain names I access. (or whatever your question is)
CS Rep: What OS are you using?
Me: Slackware Linux
CS Rep: I am sorry but we cannot support Linux systems.
Me: MY OS has no bearing on your service quality, I have confirmed through my windows xp system that the problem is universal and my Linux based tools make it easier for me to diagnose and track the problem.
CS Rep: Since you have confirmed it in windows can you please give me more information?

Your home router/modem is the limit of their domain, if you can confirm that the issue does not exist within your computer or home network then they have no need to request anything from the OS level. If anything offer to use trace route, ping and other Linux based tools to assist them with tracking the issue.

What ISP are you with now, and what was your most recent issue that prompted this question?

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Millpot is right. If you're using dial-up, I know there's a Juno software ("for Linspire" ) available for download at their site. Linspire was Debian/Ubuntu based, and the download is a .deb file. I successfully installed it in Xubuntu 10.04.

Hope that's helpful,

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Currently using Comcast, with which I have had no problems. Former ISP was Verizon, where I had to reset the modem almost every time I logged on. I don't think a lot of the people at the ISP tech support have a clue. I had a lot of problems with Earthlink. which started out well, but which seems to have gone downhill generally. Is there any service out there that seems better than any other?:angry:

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There seems to be a reply missing. You cite Milpot as being right, but I don't see a comment from Milpot. I use DSL, rather than dial-up because I sometimes have to send long files or PDFs to publishers, and they don't like to wait. Anyone have any experience with satellite-driven ISPs?

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Are you unable to see my past response from over two weeks ago, prior to dixiedancer's response, ? if so I will repost it for you.

Your issue with Verizon's service may have been due to connecting directly to their modem rather than use a router or even just hardware issue with their router/modem. I currently run Verizon FIOS for my home television and internet and have had no issues with their service, they were a bit uncomfortable when I told them that I run Linux, but quickly realized that I can support myself on the client side issues.

Now dial-up connections such as what earthlink uses are a different story because in the past I have noticed some dial-up servers did not work well with non-winmodems, but since I moved to high-speed internet, compatibility issues have not been experienced.

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