Issues BOOTING unbuntu...

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Cellinheim wrote:

The situation I am having is that , that is not working. I have even attempted to run a live CD from a thumb drive of LinuxMint, I am getting to the load screen with the pretty options. Once I attempt to load the system I am prompted to a black CMD Prompt screen with a blinking cursor icon... The same thing that happened with Ubuntu.

That could happen if your graphics adapter can't handle the X system of that distro. The some happened to me on a few occasions with ubuntu.

Typ: lspci -v on your system to read what it says about your video card.

You can try out different WMs with your preferred OS and see if that will help. In fact give debian squeeze a try. It allows you choose different DEs. Different DEs, customized X system.

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Bootloader issue?

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I have no clue as to what happened... As far as I can tell all of the disks I have created thus far have the files setup properly on them. I recently used a DVD instead of a CD to create my live disk. The DVD is currently allowing me to speak to you here, via Linux-mint... So far I love it. The speed of this OS coming from a Disk is unreal. I will try the same thing of Ubuntu... now that my toes are wet I want to play... Where to begin.... ?

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bkerensa wrote:

Bootloader issue?

Yes I am believing this is more than likely my primary issue... I am still investigating ATM though. Thanx for the help, keep it coming.

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