Issues BOOTING unbuntu...

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PC SPECS: Home built machine, she is a few years old now, anyhow here is the hardware.

Current OS: Windows 7 Home premium 64 Bit
MB: Gigabyte; Model: GA-MA785GM-US2H
BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9750 Quad Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHZ
Memory: 6144 MB RAM
Display: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Sound: Realtek high definition audio driver: RTVHD64.sys

I have tried doing the boot via the disk, and the boot via the windows installer. Upon loading the windows installer first the boot screen ask me which OS I wish to operate in. Choosing Ubuntu the prompts me to a screen selection of which boot method I wish to use with Ubuntu. There is a countdown timer on the screen, once it hits zero. Nothing happens. So I reset the machine and try again, this time selecting one option after the other, every option gives me a black CMD prompt on a black background with the blinking cursor... I wait a few min at each window. Nothing occurs. The only option that gets Ubuntu to load is the "workaround" method. Of course once I get into the OS there is an error message, dealing with the partitioning of my drives. I slide it out of the way and play with the start options. The applications and what have you appear my network connection is not noticed at this point.

I reboot my machine. Start in Windows and remove Ubuntu thinking something may have gone wrong in the download process, I download the version and burn it to a CD, I open the cd to make sure the files have been properly written to the disk. After doing so I restart my machine, Boot from CD, then the pink Ubuntu Background comes up with a white icon at the bottom center that appears to be a circle with something in it... a few minutes later the screen goes black and I am at the CMD screen again.

I plan on trying the 64 Bit system today and see if that works. I will get back with you to let you know any further information.

Any suggestions on what went wrong so that I may further step through the portal known as "Linux" would be a great help, I don't like just getting my toes wet, I need to dive into the ocean to experience the pool.

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If your trying to install it with the windows installer (wubi) then it installs it as kind of a application on your drive instead of having it's own partition space. Leaving the disk in your computer and rebooting would prompt the ubuntu screen where it tries to open another installer to do a live disk trial run or fully install ubuntu onto your computer with a partition.

I am confused on which you are trying to do, install wubi or install a dual boot system with ubuntu as one of the operating systems. Also, you mentioned a partition error that you "slide out of the way" what does it say and what are you trying to do?

You basically have 3 options:

1. Install Ubuntu as a application on windows with wubi (Not Recommended)
2. Test Ubuntu by running off your live CD. (Doesn't sound like what your trying to do)
3. Install Ubuntu properly by giving it it's own partition. (Best option).

The easiest way would be to reboot your system and select the install full version option, then when it asks what your trying to do, tell it to "Install alongside windows/another os".

Otherwise if your feeling up to it you can try my method which is this:

1. Pop Ubuntu or your preferred Linux disc into the computer
2. Press "Full install" if using Ubuntu, follow the steps if using different distro
3. Choose specify something else/Custom partition
4. Delete current partition/s
5. Create your partitions in this order : Swap (2-5GB, Logical drive and at the beginning), Then create a new partition: ext4 Linux primary and size it as large or small as you would like.
6. finish install
7. install windows in the free space left over
8. recover Linux by popping the Linux cd back in and doing a recovery because windows wiped out grub from your master boot record.(Or just install it a second time using the same partition space)
9 update and secure both.
10. Your done!

The reason I do it this way is that the speed of Linux regardless of distribution is highly dependent on SWAP being the very first partition on your hard drive. Even if your computer has plenty of physical RAM you still need SWAP to be in the beginning and the very first partition. This has made a huge difference in my performance.

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ou basically have 3 options:

1. Install Ubuntu as a application on windows with wubi (Not Recommended)
2. Test Ubuntu by running off your live CD. (Doesn't sound like what your trying to do)
3. Install Ubuntu properly by giving it it's own partition. (Best option).

The first two options, as explained, are two separate paths I have attempted to get Ubuntu to install. The details I have provided are what has happened, after the attempt on both have occurred. As for the error that I "slid out of the way" as I mentioned before hand I will update the community on that shortly. I am not giving it its own partition at the moment because I do not want to dedicate hard disk space to something I am not going to run completely. Hence the "trial" options.

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Option Two (running Ubuntu from the CD) does not install Ubuntu and is not meant to install it unless you choose the "Install Ubuntu" option. For a "trial run," boot to the CD and run entirely from the CD.

On my old Dell, when you first power it up, there's a quick screen with the Dell logo on it and a "Boot Options, Press F12" message. This little screen appears only for the first few seconds after power-up. I quickly press F12 several times and then am presented with a choice of options, or "boot order." Choose "Boot from CD=ROM" and bingo, my 'puter boots into the Linux distro I have on the LiveCD.

That's how I do "trial runs" of Linux distros. On some 'puters you can load the Linux iso onto a thumb drive and boot from there, and it's usually much faster than running off a CD.

Hope that helps!

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The situation I am having is that , that is not working. I have even attempted to run a live CD from a thumb drive of LinuxMint, I am getting to the load screen with the pretty options. Once I attempt to load the system I am prompted to a black CMD Prompt screen with a blinking cursor icon... The same thing that happened with Ubuntu.

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That's weird.... two things might be wrong:

Did you burn the CD as data rather than as an IMAGE (iso)? That was my mistake when I was first checking out Linux. I'm not assuming anyone else is as silly as I was, but just thought I'd mention it... the other issue might be that it's a "bad burn." The downloadable isos have something called a CHECKSUM that you can match against the recorded disk to be sure it downloaded correctly. The checksums for Ubuntu and Linux Mint isos are on their web sites.

If all of that checks out, try typing "startx" (without the quotes) when you get that command prompt.

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