Just installed SUSE 12.2

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After a long time of thinking and rethinking, I finally did it. I installed SUSE and I removed Windows for good.

First thoughts:
It`s slightly complicated to move from Windows to SUSE. I am not talking about the installation process. I am talking once you have your desktop installed. I made the mistake at the start to remove that bar on the bottom which can help you locate which program you want to go to so I had to use alt+tab.

For some reason, it seems that the desktop is changing. I still dont understand what that is. And then it`s hard to move to the other desktop I was before. For example I play music right now. I might minimize everything and then it switches place and I cannot move to the music player using alt+tab.

Also the reason why I wasnt sure about moving to linux is about the cpu power management that WIndows 7 is having, making you able to easily control how much of your cpu you should use. (I had big problems with overheating)... but finally after few hours , I realize how to install a package and how to barely use it. And that`s what I did with cpufreq and cpupower.

Another issue that I have is that when I use Firefox to run a browser based game (good game empire) it`s very slow. But it seems to be better when I use another browser.

hmm that`s it for now.

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1. Which version of suse did you install the KDE or Gnome based version? If it is KDE then the answer can be found at .

2. I have never seen the desktop change on it's own and I have not found any reports of it on the internet. Are you referring to having it reset to the default state, change background, re-align icons or what specific behavior?

3. cpufreq-utils is standard in most distributions and in most cases is enabled and set to optimized by default, however some newer processors now to cpu throttling in the cpu instructions that do not require any software or user interaction. In my experiences the linux cpufreq tools have greatly exceeded the similar capabilities in windows.

4. Ubuntu may be slow due to incomplete libraries, old plugins or a number of factors. I have found that when interacting with interactive websites google chrome has offered the best performance because all libraries are updated and compiled into the binary. As with each type of program , each variation has advantages and disadvantages you may have found a good weakness in firefox worthy of reporting to the developers to address.

One thought on the odd desktop issue is that it may be the result of installing from a corruption medium, if you installed from a CD, did you verify the md5sum after download to confirm that it was not corrupted in transmission?

Most new converts find some things that annoy them, you apparently found completely new issues. After the initial shock has worn off and the setup issues are addressed I believe you may be more comfortable with your system.

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