Linux Babies ! ! !

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I have dabbled with Linux to varying degrees, but i am still very much a baby. I hope to change this within the next year. I have mostly used Debian for my boxes, but have tried Slackware and Fedora. I still have lots to learn.

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Don't we all. :)

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me too. i am new to linux "forever" why because linux is will not stop to update and upgrade, so me i will not stop to learn new things about Linux.


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abrenar wrote:

Who are Linux Babies here ?

Don't be Shy Show your Self ! !

We are here for support ! !

Tell us your Inquiries and problems encountered in your first few days in linux.

We will help you to decide to leave your Old Operating System Full of Viruses and malwares to secured Linux.


So somebody wants to remove "Newbie" and now use baby instead?? Has the term newbie become such a derogative term nowadays?

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The term newbie......

It depends on the people the way they understand it and how they see them self about it.


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