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am getting this error when trying to send/receive mails into my outlook, am using Linux as my mail server.

please help....

Task “ – Sending’ reported error (0x800CC67): ‘The server responded:421 4.3.0 collect: Cannot write ./dfq1J9uVZW006426 (bfcommit, uid=0, gid=51): Read-only file system’[/color]

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However you set up your server, it's in read only mode. Since you really haven't given us a whole lot of info, we can't really help further than that. Check your setup and mount your connections read-write.

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Has this server been working fine for you and all of a sudden started to choke, or is this a new server you've never had working?

It looks like something is mounted RO for some reason. What do your maillogs on the server say and what does the output of the mount command look like?


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Wow, 5 seconds apart MasenM ... we've got to stop meeting like this :D

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I know! I posted then looked at the thread like "I could have sworn no one had answered this" :D

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how can i mount my server as read-write fellows?

Assist please.

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