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Linux Mint14.1: connecting to a Wifi network

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I an new to Linux
I'm duel booting windows 7 and Linux Mint.
not that downloading it wasn't a total mess.
partition the hard drive came up with a whopping 4.1 GB
so the program was added to windows? kinda? and it now says i have 512kb of
memory on a 320gb hard drive, so that didn't go so well.....
I'm using a Belkin N300 wireless router and a Netgear N300 wireless USB adapter WAN3100. I'm using WIN 7 to post cos I cant get the linux side to connect.
The drivers from the CD will not install..
I put in the SSID and the BSSID given if it is the same as the SSID and the Device
MAC address and Cloned MAC address if it is the same as the Device MAC
address and saved it but I cant find where to connect..
my version of Linux seems to be missing parts but with out getting on the
internet I cant download them...this is what I downloaded:

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I am surprised that mint dooes not ship the b43 drivers by default it that distro does not appear to be friendly for offline use. But I did find a tutorial for you to try at

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